Sunday, October 01, 2006

the "new" me!

Well I finally got my new glasses and on one of my groups we had a guessing game of what Rose Anne selected this time around. See I wanted something different and more with it, but you know I kept coming back to those same safe bronze ovals - LOL! Well I finally did pick something "slightly" different and I remember being very impressed with them at the shop.

On Thursday I picked them up, got them fitted and had a heck of time with the new prescription but just about okay now, just having a bit of trouble relearning not to move my eyes with the progressives again! LOL!

Okay so you can see the really old me in the first picture - round bronze frames - holding a miniature; then in the next picture with the bronze oval frames; and the last two are the new MOI! Sort of rectangluar but not too definite which did not appeal to me at all or to my round face but changed the arms totally.

Well like I mentioned to the office crew - I feel they are now too fancy for the plain Jane moi!!! Oh well this is what I have until I can get myself a backup pair and those will probably be more boring and plainer! LOL!

Sheesh not sure it's smart showing these all in one message!!! LOL! Now the new glasses!

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May Britt said...

I am sure you are going to be satisfied with you glasses. I was when I got mine a couple of years ago. Now I probably got to have new ones. And I too also blame the small hexagons I was sewing on several years ago......not the way we are old LOL