Monday, October 16, 2006

I'm Back from my Semi-Private Retreat

Howdy there! Yep I'm just back from a VERY VERY VERY LOVELY week long quilting retreat at my sister's! Even though it SNOWED Monday evening and STAYED all week (over 6 inches deep and heavy - one snow drift was 13 inches deep) and just started melting slowly when I left today. My BIL even cooked a wildgame supper for us one evening and others I helped out my sister prepare or heat up already prepared frozen meals allowing us to SEW just about from morning till late evenings. One day we drove into town (60 miles away) for BIL's Dr. apt and groceries and scouted out two quilt shops (one had 40% off moving sale on so I splurged) along with the Salvation Army Store and found two small crocheted doilies for CQing and ate out too. It was my BIL's 69th BD on Friday so in the evening they had friends over for some celebrating and we had all kinds of muchies BUT totally forgots the awesome Black Forrest Cake and candles!!!! DUH!!!

Well I got lots of stuff sewn and planned out and ideas for more. As soon as I can get over to Linda's (probably on the weekend) I'll have pics to post of my items completed. My sister loved having me there even though she didn't get much of her stuff completed - see she hemmed up my ski pants for me and coached me on my first solo free motion quilting and lent me her Quilt in the Ditch foot and now I'm going shopping for one for myself on Saturday! AWESOME! We did work on our individual colourwash quilt blocks but they are very very very time consuming so naturally neither of us are finished yet, but Sylvia is close, whereas I'm still a long way from having the blocks together. Then the nine centre blocks (21" squares) have flowers to still be appliqued either by machine or hand and then it can all be assembled. LOTS of work yet on that project, but I'm three blocks closer than I was two years ago when we started it! LOL! Oh and after the struggles with my initiation into free motion quilting using that awesome Glad Press n Seal for the designs I just had to PLAY! So I gathered up all my variegated thread trimmings and made my first snippets postcard - it was lots of fun but I've still to finish it off.

Gosh I've 120 individual emails to check and during the week sometimes check the various groups for group messages. Okay talk with you again soon! Gosh I missed the PC chatting but you know I sure got lots done without the distraction! LOL!

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