Thursday, October 26, 2006

Comments posted

I LOVE receiving posted comments but sorry ladies, without your name or email I can't provide the information you've asked for. I hope you check back here for the answers.

Lately my satellite group asked that I do a postcard demo (my way) and thus I did a write up with pictures. Now I've uploaded that to a couple of Yahoo groups in the Files section and I hope you belong to one of them for your own copy.

Now as for the clear envelopes or bags as they are called, yes I will be posting my personal swaps in them in future and hope for similar in return. I've never used them before but have been told they are great and accepted by the postal system too. I hope these will help to prevent embellishments from hindering the delivery process. Apparently sending to or from Italy, they are a must.

So you prepare your postcard as usual, I take mine to the postal outlet to ensure proper postage is stuck on the back of the card AND have it hand cancelled too! Then insert it into the clear bag/envelope, seal it and hand it back to the postal clerk for mailing. The FibreArtPostCard group I'm in does not allow these (cards are to sent "as is") and most of those I've received have arrived okay. But a few have had machine cancelling on top of hand cancelling and also pinkish bars across the front of the cards or smudges on the back. So I'm hoping the clear bags/envelopes will prevent this but yet you'll have the cancelled stamp on the postcard back too.

Guess time will tell.

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I wonder if you were talking about me not leaving an email address?

If so, here it is-