Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Postcard playing

Ohhhh, I started playing with a thread and snippets postcard while on vacation at my sister's and then it just carried on from there. I'm kinda relieving work stress by playing in the evenings and finishing off what I started.

Then I thought what about a stained glass type of PC and after a very slow evening shift Friday night I drew out my design and yesterday put the finishing touches to it and traced out all the Steam a Seam II pieces and today I played once again. So I have all the pieces puzzled together ironed onto the background fabric and so far so good. I can even envision the finished effect - now just as long as I don't screw it up!!!

I also finished off my FAPC group list birthday postcard for November and it's ready for mailing off - WOW - that's a first for being on time for me!!! That'll now allow me to play and play and play and play some more!!! LOL!

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