Thursday, October 26, 2006

Another step finished!

Well first off I feel a total goofball!!! I would have missed my quilty sister's 65th BD today if my niece had not emailed me telling me so!!! SHEESH, I can't believe it - I was just there and she'd mentioned it and I had it written down!!! Well I got a card off to her but did call and chat a bit again today! We really should just get a direct line already!

Anyways, I've completed all the satin stitch on my angel pieces for the postcards and now I'm adding in the beads, trims and star sequins. Then I'll draft up the backs and they'll be ready for addressing as soon as our swap lists are posted. YAHOOIE this is the first in a long long long time that I'm actually catching up with things. Maybe just maybe I'll even get to more cqing on my personal swap block yet. That would be lovely.

Guess it helps not to work the part time job every second day - on top of a fulltime one too!!! LOL!

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