Thursday, October 19, 2006

UFOs no more!

Okay, I've finally recapped my sewing projects and here's what I worked on at my week long retreat at my sister's!

1. planned and stitched up 3 more 21" colourwash blocks with 9" cream centre blocks for my queen sized quilt. Lots more blocks to stitch up and then the nine centre blocks need the applique flowers yet - I think I'll be doing mine by hand needle turn technique - I've more control that way.

2. free motion machine embroidered the finishing touches to the pansies on a wall hanging started in Oct. 2004 and learnt to use Glad Press n Seal and free motion quilting in the border, then bound it, hand stitched the binding and hanger and wrote up and stitched on the label. Now the office will have a "spring" wall hanging - one for each season and a few extras too! Wonder what they will do when I retire and take them home with me?

3. planned out of swapped charms, stitched up, learnt to free motion quilt the sucker too and hand stitched the binding and label on a 51" table runner (for a Christmas gift).

I was then really tuckered out and stressed out from trying to control the free motion and doing it on the runner the proper way instead of stopping and turning the piece like I did on the pansy wall hanging, which my sister didn't say anything until I'd finished (good thing she waited as I probably would have cried and run away - LOL!). Then she got me to practice the proper way and it did get easier. But after finishing, I needed to play!!!!

4. gathered up our snippets and thread trimmings along with some serger trimmings and added in a coloured trim too and scattered them all willy nilly on a white with silver glitter charm and overlayed with some fine white netting and used my variegated cotton and satin stitched in varied widths and meandered all over the top. Then I added various beads scattered too. Just have to finish off the back and put together the PC and voila ready for mailing.

5. then Sylvia convinced me to finish off my guild class double wedding ring table topper her way and I must say it is BEAUTIFUL! So using a fine zigzag and her wine variegated cotton I stitched over my pencilled poinsettia in the centre and the holly leaves (green variegated cotton) and the holly berries (in wine) in the melon spaces. Then I used Sylvia's Quilt in Ditch foot (we've similar Kenmore machines) and WOW just about perfect in the ditch quilting around the arches. Then I added the biased binding and it's clipped ready for hand stitching (this completed Wed. night) and I've the label yet to do (this designed and stitched on along with beaded poinsettia centre Thurs. night) - all complete now!

6. We also hemmed up my 5" too long ski pants so I'm ready for the snow and cold!!!!

7. Also I crocheted tops onto 4 kitchen hand towels which I gave to my sister and her friend Fran as thank you gifts.

Okay I think that is it and I promise as soon as I get pics taken I'll post them too!

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