Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sept PCs completed

Well I've finally completed the September fabric postcards and I think finally after some half dozen months I think I'm letting loose with my embellishing instead of following examples. LOL! The two vertical heart ones are for the FAPC birthday swap group I'm in - basically all are the same pattern but I'm varying the fabrics and embellishments.

Then the horizontal one is an extra "Thank You" to one swapper who obliged my request to please send her "Betty Boop" PC to my caretaker who oohhed and aahhed my card when it arrived. This one is from the first batch I made and were basic crazy patches and I just finished embellishing it and now I've gotten a might more creative with the hearts!

Who knows what I'll try next - LOL!

A very appreciative Thank You to Linda M for most of my picture taking!

1 comment:

abeautifulcraft said...

These are beautiful, such lovely stitching and embellishing!!!