Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Lovely Day

SHEESH what a day! WELL, our office had another of their touring Divisional meetings by Grey Goose bus up into the Interlake (about 2 hours north of Winnipeg) checking out two small metal manufacturing industries (developed with planning from RDC and MB govt) that actually ship products all over the world - amazing from rural Manitoba. Then we arrived at our ADM's Arnason (near Gimli) "cottage" for a locally catered lunch and some colleague bonding! Since my shoulder is not really into "games" I took to the beach and promptly shed my runners and socks abandoning them immediately for some relaxing strolls in the surf and I mean surf! I've never seen two foot waves crashing onto the lake beach in calm weather before and naturally even with rolled up pantlegs to my knees (would have shaved my legs if I'd known I'd be doing this) my pants were wet just about up to mid-thigh! When I got back they were into some volleyball and Frisknock and that I just could not pass up. So I threw the frisbee a few times and did not to bad with my left arm but after a while I just plum forgots and reached to catch one with my right arm and just about fainted from the pain. Yes I stopped playing promptly! Thank goodness it was 27C and I had dried off before getting back on the ACd bus to return to the city at 5:30 pm. Good thing I did not work or I'd have been very very very late! It was a nice day but tiring!

BTW, my appointment yesterday with the surgeon for my MRI followup was a huge waste of time and money (for the expensive test)! My Dr. had said after examining the shoulder pain and general xray that it was a torn rotator cuff, had a couple of cortisone shots over the year and prescribed physio which I did for over six months but pain was worsening and advised to stop and get it checked out again. Was sent to this surgeon for a check over and MRI and after 4 more months tells me it is not repairable by surgery at this time at least (in a way that's good as I was not looking forward to surgery and extensive rehab), maybe in the future. Basically it is extensive wear and tear from old injuries and definite onslaught of arthritis in that shoulder and to keep exercising it and taking whatever works for the pain (basically all he said). WELL! So guess I'll be going to buy more Ibuprofen and some Glucosomine too! Will also check with the Pharmacist to see he recommends for over the counter relief too.

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