Wednesday, October 25, 2006

New Pics Again!

Hey I think I just learnt how to insert a link in this baby too - and if it works I need to give my head a shake for not trying it sooner! If it does not work, then check on the left hand side for Favourite Blogs and Dale Anne's to see who and what I mean!

Ohhhh I'm having so much fun, would be mucho more if this blasted headache would go away! I finally broke down today and bought the Advil Migraine gel tabs - hope they work.

Okay, here is the first of my attempts of a thread and snippets postcard. I received on from my friend Dale Anne a long time ago and she just showed me the techniques on my last visit to her place in June. I loved it and my sister thought I was loosing it, digging through my thread catcher and then her's too, but then when she saw what I was doing she went to her serger and pulled a few black threads for me! Then she wanted to know if I wanted her to collect them for me - NO!!! LOL! In the end she thought it was neat - that was before the sandwiching and edging too! Talk about recycling to the itty bitty pieces!

Then here are two more of my crazy patch heart PCs - I just LOVE doing these but still have trouble keeping the edge in line so my decorative stitches cover all the edges nicely. Remember PRACTICE MAKES PERFECTION! Otherwise I just shrug and say the world's not perfect so why should I be! LOL!

Then there is the new "stained glass" PC that I want to attempt for my CQF group holiday swap. Now I know it's not crazy patch and hope you gals don't mind this, but I sure hope it turns out like I envision it to and that it is liked by those receiving it. My friend Linda (thanks again for the picture taking) really likes it and it's still in the rough stage.

Okay, guess I'll go start my embellishing on this baby and maybe get them finished this weekend too! That would be great as the clear envelopes should arrive next week and then I can concentrate on the backs ready for mailing! WOW!

REMEMBER to have fun and play with these babies!


Anonymous said...

Hey RAB! Always a treat to get to see your work! Cheers, Judy b. in Toronto

seoulsisterstevens said...

Your postcards are beautiful! I love the snippets one and the heart ones also.

Can you share the tecniques you used to make both of them? They are so neat!

Lynn said...

Rose Anne, I have a question about the clear envelopes i'm sure others are curious too. ARe they for the post-cards? for protecting them?


Anonymous said...

Good to see it rubbing off onto someone else.
YES - I don't think we need anyone saving snippets or thread leftovers for us, we'll have enough ourselves!

Quilting Diva said...

Those are very nice pictures Rose Anne.