Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Enjoying Winter!

Beautiful relaxing day for me! First errands downtown accounting for 3,345 steps. Again we started off from Edna's heading via St Mathews to join up to the Yellow Ribbon Trail. I couldn't stop smiling 🤗 and walking🚶‍♀️, even further than I probably should have!!! But we turned around after the garden plots on Silver as my knee was letting me know it was enough, BUTTTT I really wanted to continue, BUTTTT I knew I had to get back to the car! 

As we approached St James Tim's came in view and I suggested we get coffee and set a spell on a bus bench before finishing off! Awesome idea!!!! 

Then off to run errands by car before heading home for my pulled pork n ceasar salad supper! Yes a wonderful day!

OMGG it's happening again and I'm all in again! In 2018 and previous years I totally lived for the next installment! So thank you Jane Eborall for doing the TIAS once again!

So if you're a tatter and looking for some adventure then check this out!   Tat It And See  

I've no idea what this might be!

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