Sunday, February 10, 2019

Excited n Relieved!

And definitely relieved too!!!!

EH, EH, EH!!!!!
EH, EH, EH!!!!!

Hey I didn't say I could sing, but that sure is what I'm doin and if my hip/ankle wasn't buggin me I'd be doin some jiggin too!!!! 🎶

See it's been a long year of planning, sewing, and even swearing in assembly of the duvets, BUT I finished them.  The part I was really worried about was the washing of them but the little areas of wine colour bleeding even disappeared!  AWESOME!!! 

So Taunya your Grandmother's quilted wool batts are now protected and useable!  Hope to get a picture of you under them on your TV couch one day from you?  Enjoy!!!

O'Canada - a collection of 150th celebration fabrics. 

Blue striped batt with a "C" at middle bottom. 

Nature's beauty and wildlife. 

Cream batt with a "W" at middle bottom. 

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