Sunday, February 24, 2019

CUBA - Day 7 - Excursion - Sugar Cigar n Rum

But was really hot, tired and no energy left for uploading last night after my first DAY excursion. Will shortly! 🌞

Up at 6:15 to have a ham n cheese sandwich before boarding the bus at 7:30 am. First to board, 4 more hotel pickups.

First time seeing a no smoking sign!

Locomotive used to transport the sugar cane.

Our transportation through the countryside - totally in awe of the better next to the poorer.

Sugar plant closed since 2002 - bottom fell out of the sugar cane industry.

Our entertainment on the ride!

Cacti fences are private residences - allowed to grow banana and palm trees aling with vegetables for their livelihoods. 

Original houses made from Royal palms, need a licence to cut one down - trunk used for walls and leaves for roof.

The end - back to the bus.

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Susan said...

You certainly rode in a lot of different kinds of conveyances on your stay. It's too bad about the sugar cane, as I know it is still grown in Texas and is fascinating at harvest time, and then the burning of the fields. 150 years ago, that was the total reason they existed, the sugar cane plantations! You saw such interesting history, as well as the landscape.