Monday, February 11, 2019

A Jam Packed Day!

What a day! Woke feeling a bit better and decided to pick Edna up for a walk but not push my aching hip/ankle. Did good and then back to the dogs for lunch, packed up my sewing crafts stuff and home to unload. Then off to St Vital for more last minute shopping before going over to visit Amanda and Astro. Gosh is he ever growing! Then returning a few items bought last week but not needed and gosh it's snowing enough that you need to clear the car off! OK back to the dogs, final pack up, dishes and vacuum. HMMMM the dogs didn't even make their usual ruckus when Mom came through the door! Go Figure! This time the snow covered my footsteps from not even half hour ago! And back home 8:30ish having pick up pizza supper!

Again he's not sure about this person.

Oh yeah she makes me laugh! 

I just LOVE this profile. 


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