Saturday, February 09, 2019

A Busy Day!

Yeah go figure, the deep freeze is gonna lift some for Taunya n Steve's return Monday!  But looks like the snows gonna return too!  And thankfully looks decent end of the week for my departure!

Ahhhhh I thought it was easing up!!!!!

Dang there are two of them in the yard today, they better have there escape hatches opened!  This one is smaller and either braver or stupider!

Silly bunny just hopped onto the deck and right up to the door and down the other steps!  Definitely tempting Fate!

Ok the Canada duvet is washed and looks like colour bleeding is controlled and Taunya Grandmother's quilted batt is inside on the bed!  Now I'm sewing the snaps on the wildlife duvet while watching the away Winnipeg Jets playing Ottawa Senators game!  It's also keeping my feet warm as they are cold for some reason even with socks on!

Went out to Sorrento's in Charleswood sharing a side salad and medium pizza with Aruna Hall, my Australian/NZ travel agent!  Also playing catchup and talking about my hoped for 2020 trip.

But portions way too huge even sharing!

Well even if I'm not close to being ready for my vacation - my lacemaking supplies are all ready to pack!!!  Here's my first dressing of a bobbin lace travel pillow bought from Beverley Dean.  I had to buy the green cotton twill, pink wool blanket pieces compliments from Jacqui and the print/cream from my stash.  The rectangle wasn't level so I layered the print.  The wool fits with some to spare.  My fitted darts idea for the pillow cover fits well too!  Love the fluky colour coordinates!  I'll make another pillow cover with indent to fit the covered roller later on.  Now let's hope my next lesson works as easy as this all did!

Now finishing off the evening washing/drying the wildlife duvet!

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