Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Catch Up!

That's my Angela! Over 30 years of unconditional friendship!

Feb 3rd

I'm at St B hospital with my ailing caretaker. Lucky I was home to help out as the usual helper is out today.  Not sure how long I'll be here.  She thinks she'll be admitted but one never knows.  I may have to run over to McDs for food soon as I hadn't eaten yet!

At St B from 4pm and after bloodwork, EKG and Catscan nothing is wrong so 2:30am told to dress and go home.  No answer for the horrible leg/hip/back pains she's having.  By the time we were released my sciatic was paining my butt!  They'll order a bowel scope soon and call.  She's having tea and then to bed and the other caretaker is there.  I'm going to bed!

Feb 4th

Well Cindy and Janice's 6am flight to Vancouver took off a bit delayed and now they are onto Hawaii!  YEAH!!!!! 

Taunya and Steve's 6:45am flight was cancelled and rebooked for 3:45pm - hope they take off!

Pat and Randy's flight for Jamaica was supposed to leave at 8am, but reboarded at 11:30am, no word so I hope they're above this shit! 

Guess I'll get my @#$% together, shake out the cobwebs 😵 from the ER wait and get packed to head over to the dogs midafternoon!  This is out my window collected since yesterday afternoon!

I've had a slow start to my day, a few groceries for Betty, then heard Taunya n Steve departed for TO and tomorrow for Cancun.  So loaded the car and was over here to stay with the dogs.  Dang did it ever blow in this morning and thankfully the postman has big boots I could kinda follow.  Still I just about face planted twice carting things in.  🤪  I fed the dogs then outside to clear at least the sidewalk to the door from the garage and a strip to my car and it's spot.  I did check with a cleaner next door but $50 even for the small spot so I said don't bother checking tomorrow.  Then when I came in found out the opposite neighbour was to help out, not from morning till I arrived.  Maybe during the week?  So I deserve this supper!  And Zero is impatiently waiting for the crusts.

Feb 5th - Today

Yes the neighbour cleared all I had left and said he'd do again!  Well yesterday was quiet too as my sciatic hip/ankle pain was killing me so BioFreeze and Tylenol Arthritis to the rescue.  Today I thought I better get out and walk or I might seize up.  So picked up Edna and to the Outlet Mall for our walk.  The first two rounds were agony but finally the Tylenol Arthritis was working and we enjoyed 6.18 km or 9,888 steps before I called it quits.  We came back to the dogs for our lunch and Edna saw the duvet covers in person - she was impressed! 

Then we stopped into Walmart for our few items and on the way out the door I was shoved aside with "Get out of my way!" I cringed as I heard my hip crack but not like a break, just a snap, and I said excuse me! Suddenly two guys came after her and apologized saying they were escorting her out the door and sorry she ran into me.  SHEESH!!!!  Edna heard my shout and saw the guys but didn't see what happened.  By the time I got to the apartment for a few items to pick up, I FORGOT half and need to make another trip tomorrow.  Needless to say I'm back to aching and no shovelling any new snowfall, hopefully the neighbour will!  Back to more rest!

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