Thursday, August 31, 2006

Last Day - House/Cat Sitting

Guess you all are tired of me and my house sitting stories. Well it's close to this year's sojourn being over! And you know I thought I'd make it through the session this time without falling or other incidents - well besides the allergies acting up, but I knew that would happen with the cats! Nah, not so lucky, see I was taking garbage or recycle out to the garage but in my slippers and yep off the third step I slipped to the floor and jarred my ankle and bad knee. Now I don't think it's hurt and neither am I but I know I'll be sore tomorrow and I've a four hour drive tomorrow - that too won't be comfortable if this baby decides to do some swelling. Oh well!

Okay ready for a couple more pics of my Dad? I've no project pics as yet so you'll have to bear with me in this.

Here's my youngest sister Florence and Dad at the park ceremony. He's wearing a shirt he insisted I cut to short sleeves so he could be cooler for the summer! Not my kind of work and he just said cut and zip up, nothing fancy - yeah right glad I took the time to try to make it look good if he's wearing it out in public!!! Then here's one from the supper with Dad just a smiling and proud as punch that he's all dressed up and also Marlene is too sitting by her hubby Henry - at their youngest son's wedding last month.

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abeautifulcraft said...

Hi Rose, enjoyed catching up with reading your blog!!!!!! So much to read! LOL Hugs