Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Day 11 - House/Cat Sitting - Something New!

Can you believe this!!! WOW! I am so thrilled that I've printed off my first fabric label all by myself! Hey don't laugh that is a major achievement for MOI - let me tell you! Up to this point I've either been getting "Faye" to print them off for me or I set them up on the PC and then use my Pigma pens or other permanent markers and retrace onto fabrics with my OttLite. Hey whatever works.

And I only used a half page of freezer paper that just fits my bought label and presized my information, found an eagle clipart and reversed it for the opposite side and printed it off! Now I only have one label, so I kept my fingers crossed that it did not jam or mess up - WELL IT DIDN'T!!!!

Then I very cautiously checked Linda's PC programs and found the scanner Wizard and it walked me through the steps for scanning too. So here is the proof. For the actual wall hanging, you will have to wait till I finally finish it and get pics taken. Hopefully next week. At least the label is finished except to write in the Completed date.Yep either I'm getting wiser or braver, not sure which it is - LOL!

As for the cats and me - we are getting along. Two more sleeps and then they will be back and I will go home! Well for a few hours sleep on Friday morning and then off to Dauphin to visit family. Then back to Winnipeg to the working grind minus a car (mechanic will work on it in between paid jobs - LOL!) and back to the part time job too. Hopefully I can make it to the mall in time with city transit - coming home I don't care just less time to myself until I get the car back. It's either that or no car at all and I walk/bus it period!

Well since the label pic uploaded okay I'll try for the family pic again! Hey what do you know it worked! This was taken July 15th, 2006 at my nephew's wedding in Dauphin. So here is my sweetheart of a Dad (92 years young and soon to be 93 and still living on his own with homecare visits) and his eight children. From left to right: the youngest is Florence (was 6 months old when Sylvia married and #8), the eldest is Sylvia (my quilting partner and #1), Elsie (the bossiest and #2), Margaret (considered the middle child of Mom's first family and #3), Erlene (made me my first quilt and #4), Eugene (only boy and #7), Marlene (considered the tomboy and #5) and then 5.5 years break and me Rose Anne (oldest of the second family and #6). Mom (joined the heavenly angels July 1999) always called us last three her second family and we were basically cared for by the older sisters, until they left home and then I looked after the younger two (my brother 4.5 years younger than me and Florence 1.5 years younger than him). There that's my immdiate family and I've basically lost count of their children and the offspring too. Put it this way - at Dad's 90th birthday party there was I think 74 family members and three were missing - we had a sit down supper prepared by the siblings and we alone filled the seniors dining room! I think there are a few more greats added in, some grands' spouses changed too! Not bad EH for one family!

And here is who Mom always referred to as her "Second Family" as there was the 5.5 year gap between Marlene and I (in the green) which also allowed Mom more time for "farm/home" work while the older girls looked after us younger three (much to the chagrin of Florence the youngest).

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