Thursday, August 24, 2006

Day 5 - House/Cat Sitting

Well I guess I did jinx myself the other day! Last night was a miserable evening with my allergies acting up and causing much unrest and tossing and turning until the wee hours when I finally fell asleep. THEN Sooty decided to join me in bed and BOING wide awake and sitting up - scared the heck outta me and the cat and off he scat and didn't come back. Again a fight to go to sleep and then it seemed like minutes later but actually 3 hours later the alarm goes off. UGH! I barely made it to work even driving the car and the pounding headache was in full force along with the construction at work too!

AND talking about construction!!! While I was away yesterday they were sawing something above the computer techies area and cut through a pipe and sprung a leak right ontop of our co-workers PCs, desks and cabinets along with the printer and paper!!!! So there they are today with fans and some cleaners etc trying to dry the carpets, desks, etc and access the damage! Needless to say the smell is atrocious and got Shauna and my allergies plugging us up again! When will this craziness stop??? I went this morning to tape the security door lock open and close the door after complaining to the workers that I was told they weren't to be drilling etc after 8:30 that we have to concentrate on work and not constant migraines! He just shrugged his shoulders and they continued. So I phoned their foreman which the Bldg Supe gave me but that also did nothing to stop it. GRRRRRR!

Well on a good note I stopped on the way home at Michaels craft store and picked up more glass beads to make up more of my scissor fobs as they seem to be popular and also some groceries! WOW it's like a smorgasbord for me compared to my place!!! Yeah one of these days I'll restock all again and have some proper meals too. I even was checking out some fancy stuff for my Chain of Hearts whenever I find the time to get those started. I've dreamt up my basic plans and will go from there and see where it leads. But honestly it won't be until the new year that I'll have any to swap, unless I relly have a spurt of nonsleep again! Hope not.

BTW I did get some of my family pics scanned today and here is one of the whole family with my Dad who is 92 years young as he says - just starting to feel old! HUH! Well I've tried about a dozen times and just no way can I upload the pictures! Sorry about that, maybe another time it'll work.

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