Saturday, August 26, 2006

Day 7 - House/Cat Sitting

No, you did not miss Day 6, just too much on the go to login and email.

Phew thank goodness it's the weekend and I'm away from that office and all the construction commotion and noise. Needless to say the headache has not left totally and any noise like the washing machine right now is bringing it back - UGH! Oh well I've two days to rest and play and hopefully get rejuvenated for the next week!

I've called my part time job and by the sounds of it - it probably won't be closing next week - wonder what is up with this company! Oh well that might mean I still have a part time paycheque for my spending money????

Well all I can say is I really could get used to living in a house (but probably without pets) to have the freedom to do what I want and when I want without infringing on my neighbours or them on me - just not sure if I want the responsibility of upkeep though! Gosh I probably should have invested what money I earned before spent years ago into something small and convenient for me but that's life! Now I'll be looking more in the 55+ communities and hopefully something more quieter and definitely no second floor!!! Them stairs are killers!

Okay, I was out last night to kid sit for my niece and took my kitchen towels with me and crocheted the tops while watching TV. Today I was up and attem early even though my old bod did not want to move and did a bit of shopping. I picked up some fabric on special and also found some awesome beads for my scissor fobs so once my charm swap is packaged I'm back to more fun and games. I've tonight and all day tomorrow to play and watch TV too (a huge screen one)!!!

Probably will grill some burgers for supper or tomorrow for sure! That is if I remember in time to feed before bed! LOL! Okay, washer is finished so better get back to work! CU!

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