Sunday, August 27, 2006

Day 8 - House/Cat Sitting

Well it's been a quiet weekend. I've watched baseball and, crocheted, cooked (which is unusual for me), visited and shopped with another quilter, and have started the "mending" of my mechanic's tattered coveralls in exchange for some repairs for my car to be done this month. Hmmmm something tells me this was not worth it! I should just get the name of his supplier and buy him a couple more instead of paying the labour! I don't even mend my own clothes so he better appreciate the work going into these coveralls. LOL!

I've also checked out more of the "chain of hearts" and naturally drooling like mad and wishing I was at home and could start some of my own now!!! Oh well I still have to check on my silk ribbon supply as I might need to order more before starting. I know I have more than enough beads and embroidery cotton and now sven some varigated cottons which I had bought for my hardanger projects but will share with my crazy patch embellishments too!

Speaking of my hardanger I have another "pajama party" coming up in Sept at my needleworks shop where you pay say $15 and arrive about 5:30 and the owner and co-workers prepared a scrumptious potluck for supper and you stitch until the food is delivered by the DH then eat! Then back to stitching and gabbing and sometimes during the evening the owner puts certain items on sale at different discounts and you can shop before going home around 11:00 pm. Loads of fun is had by all. This time though I'm going to make sure I have a hardanger project prepared along with maybe a heart for stitching! Oh that would be awesome!

Gosh I've gotta get myself a digital camera as there are so many of my quilting and crafts projects that are not in my Webshots that need to be and so many things I'd like to show that I don't too. With my new PC I just have to plug in the camera in front and VOILA - how much simpler could it get! Well then I also need a printer too, sheesh maybe I better still have that part time job end of the month instead of the store closing or I'll never get my toys this year. LOL!

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