Friday, November 20, 2020

Back to Masks

 Nov 19th

Another two sets completed!

Nov 20th

Well this is the last of requested masks to date! One day I'll count these up and see where I'm at! I know some family and friends may still ask for replacements, but I think the new orders have slowed down for me, I'm also nearing the end of my sheeting and nose wires. Masks are so readily available in all styles, fabrics and designs!!! 

Today I delivered two sets and mailed off another two sets of masks. Hopefully two more sets tomorrow and a couple of other drop offs and then the two last sets on Sunday! You know I like this contactless, mailbox or doorstep drop offs, getting lots more accomplished in a smaller amount of time!

WOW!  Now what?  Oh yeah a glass of wine, feet up and another movie!!!!

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