Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Celtic Charm

March 24th

Ohhhh to find rocks and what a fun time for kids!!!!

Yeah finally it's captured! Remember to practice social distancing!

And naturally news releases are changing daily!

Another pasttime!

March 25th

Yesterday was a weird one that's for sure!  I seesawed from keeping busy to guess feeling down!  I did get some things accomplished though!  First off did the totally unusual and did some online purchases from P&D Original Design for this 4" Cat Bitty Block and others for paper pieceing and then another free eBook on double reverse applique - not sure about this one. 

Then I worked on modifying a Celtic design for my border free motion quilting and sandwiched my Celtic Charm hanger. 

One of my girlfriends asked if I'd done other Celtic designs and that took me down memory lane to 2008 MPQ workshop Pat and I attended.

Then I watched some news and got further into my anxiety!!!!!!!

Just followed up with my Dr's assistant and the nasal swab done recently came back negative for Covid-19.  She also stressed that the lab would have called me immediately!  One less stress in me now!  🙏🙏🙏

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