Saturday, January 01, 2011

A New Start to the New Year!

OK, I’ve been procrastinating for years since my part time job ended and I had more evenings and weekends free for myself. What did I do, I RELAXED and STITCHED instead of setting my home to rights!!!

SO, today with Kerry’s convincing I signed into FlyLady and opened up the “Beginner Baby Steps” program and what does it start with – A Shiny Sink!!! Well that is kinda impossible when I’ve dishes left right and centre so yep you guessed it I did my dishes, but then that lead to cleaning out my overloaded dishes etc cupboards so I can put the stuff I use away!!! Well that lead to clearing out two shopping bags full of useless plastic and emptying some jars of ingredients from who knows when and also pitching out larger jars that I decided I did not need to keep anymore and a small package of jam like jars to be packed up for my sister who does canning still.

OMGG, you won’t believe it but a large box of odds and ends along with 4 shopping bags of garbage just got hauled out!!! Next is putting away the clean dishes in spots that will hold all now. I’ve pulled out my shrimp n sauce and a pepsi (I deserve it!) and a bit of rest to read the instructions for the Shiny Sink process and that will be my next step!!!

THEN, it’s back to stitching for the rest of this day! I think that is definitely all I’ll do for today – PHEWIE!!! Will have to see what Step #2 is for tomorrow – hopefully something that is achievable without major upheaval in his untidiness!

YES, I did smile when I came back in and saw the tidier kitchen!!! Don’t jump the gun there is still lots to do here!!! But like the program says “Baby Steps” and this place did not get like this in one day or week so I do not expect it to be set right for a while yet!!!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

My daughter told me about Fly Lady a couple of years ago. Most nights I go to be with a clean kitchen sink now. The rest of the house is still a disaster, but maybe I'll start tackling one corner at a time... starting tomorrow!

craftirn said...

I tried Fly lady a few years ago. Some good tips, but copious amounts of e-mail reminders and messages and I really felt nagged, so I quit, but the basics stayed and I have a clean sink every night and a made bed in the morning and things are tidier. I do still believe in saving for posterity, that is how I got my antiques that I love, some one saved something.

Barb said...

My daughter told me about flylady years ago. What she says about keeping your sink clean is so true! It makes you feel so much better and so much in control. The only thing was, I couldn't follow the 15 minute rule - where you only work for 15 minutes. Once I got started I kept going. :) My Mom always used to say that if you have your dishes done, your bed made and your floors swept the house looks clean. :) Barb.. from NSAN.

Anonymous said...

Great job on the kitchen. Fly lady has helped me. I feel off the 15 a day wagon a couple years ago but I do still keep a clean sink in the kitchen and bathrooms. I hope you keep up the great work with Kerry. I have been working with you not posting photos still to much on the counters not ready to share photos yet. Debbie S.