Sunday, January 30, 2011

TIAS - Day 7

OK I was still up at 2:00 am so checked before shutting down but guess that it was too early for Jane in England to be uploading the next set of tatting instructions! LOL!  Then I was up and attem at 7:30 am anxious to tat my next wing of the airplane - yeppers I think that is what this TIAS is gonna grow up to be!!!

TIAS - day 7
Sheesh now I better go crash for an hour or my tatting afternoon with the Lace girls will be for naught!!!


Rose Anne B said...

Comment from Jane:

Well you could be disappointed if it doesn't turn out to be an airplane, eh? Mind you might not want it to be one!!!!! Then if it turns out to be a dinosaur you could be happy?!?!? Who knows!!!!

My reply:

Hey that's the intrigue of mysteries, guessing and when revealed in awe at how one missed that!!! LOL!

Debbie said...

Rose Anne, I think it"s gonna be a lizard...maybe...Debbie (Maine)