Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Tatting Day!

Well here's the Suncatcher pattern by Birgit Phelps that I tried out last week with my recently purchased Size 40 Cordonnet hand dyed "Forrest" tatting thread from Yarnplayer.  I had to do some "retro tatting" and was glad the thread held up to the added stress - but - I found out with this pattern that I have too LOOSEN UP as my tension is too snug and this piece is sort of wavy!  I would like to make this slightly smaller and attach a dangling crystal in the centre and a smaller one from the bottom ring and just maybe I would wear it as a necklace???
Suncatcher - Jan 27 2011
Suncatcher on light background

Now this next pattern Li'l Heart by Birgit Phelps also, is so adorable that I'll be making up some more.  This is a pattern where I FINALLY CAUGHT ONTO "CTM" and actually did it with only the two ending threads to be hidden (usually threaded to the wrong side of the crazy patched block being added to).  The cream is in Size 40 Lizbeth and was a dream to tat up even with my first goofup!  The red is with Size 30 DMC Cebelia and I can honestly say I do NOT LIKE this as it splits and sometimes breaks (may be due to my tight tatting though).  I have brand new balls of Christmas red and green and not sure if I'll be using much of this.
Li'l Heart - Jan 29-30, 2011

And this precious gem is like an inch and a half in size and 3-D Tiny Basket by Sharon Albers and was tatted by my friend Michelle who very kindly gave it to me today at our Northern Lights Lace groups gathering.  Thank you my dear!!!   
Tiny Basket tatted by Michelle - Jan 2011

Now I'm back home and going to try out another new pattern - I've a few more to tat up for a couple of ladies in exchange for postage so gotta get crackin'!!!


yarnplayer said...

Your motifs are all beautiful, and that's a great idea you have about adding crystals to the suncatcher.

The difference between Lizbeth and Cebelia threads is that Lizbeth is 6 cord, and Cebelia is 3 cord. That's why Cebelia is a softer thread. 3 cord is just 3 plies all twisted the same direction. 6 cord thread has 3 sets of 2 ply strands that are plied yet again in the opposite direction, making 6 cord a much stronger, firmer thread. (I just can't resist an opportunity to promote the virtues of 6 cord thread...grin)

Love the tiny basket, it is precious!

Judy said...

I think that first one would work as a necklace or a suncatcher, but you would have to stiffen it. Would look cool with the crystal in the middle!
PS I ordered my cards from Cafe Press on the 23rd, evening, and they have not arrived yet (morning).

Anonymous said...

I bought that forest green, too! I love her threads. I just use it for cq, though, since I don't tat. Your work is really pretty.