Friday, January 21, 2011

Encrusted RR#1 3/4s Way Home!!!

Yeppers Miss Paula (sweetie that she did not keep me in suspense long at all) has been a very busy embellisher and did a WOW job on my block!  I just love the spider web and spider under the grape cluster edging (at least that's what I see) and that rose brooch reminds me of the one I gave to Mom many years ago, along with the lovely tatting too!  Then the couched (I think) gold heart trio and the pink Venice lace edging is lovely also!  
Paula's work on the spider n web, rose brooch and tatted edging. 

Paula's couched heart trios and lovely pink Venice lace edging.

My heart after Cathy L, Debbie S, and Paula's embellishments.

WOW this block is just loaded with such beauty for me to behold when it finally arrives home!  But I still see some space for Peggy Sue to embellish - hmmmm wonder what she'll add in?


Anonymous said...

Very pretty. So many little things to examine carefully.

Kako Napraviti said...

This also looks really great. It like something old but really nice. This is great blog.

Rose Anne B said...

Thank you Kako for you kind comments on my TIAS and my CQd heart in this RR! Much appreciated.