Monday, January 24, 2011

Debbie's Encrusted RR#1 Block

Yes I finally completed my embellishing on Debbie S's RR block BEFORE the end of the month and yes it will be going in the mail today after work to Cathy - the last person in the group.  This is a very lovely block but once again PINKS!!!  At least Debbie asked for purple and light green so that was my lifesaver!  LOL!

So here is what I started off with:
Debbies block - after Paula and PeggySue

First I pinned on a hand dyed green leaf lace and then found in a swap packet the crocheted mauve flower and stitched those in place.  In the mean time I tatted up a variegated purple/white heart for another patch.  I then found my variegated DMC floss and stem stitched the curly qs and added the maulve beads at the ends.  Also found my hand dyed floss and fly stitched ferns too.

Rose Anne's flower patch

Then I decided that tiny triangular piece with the fabric folds needed a fancy button cluster – hope that’s not too heavy for your piece.  If yes, feel free to remove the stitches from the back and replace it with whatever you desire.

Rose Anne's button cluster

Now the tatted heart patch …  this heart was completed shortly after receipt of the block, then this weekend I did the seam treatments and added the Colonial knots in the background.  I was going to add my tatted or charm butterfly in this patch too but could not decide so I will be including it in with the block and Cathy/Debbie can decide!

Rose Anne's tatted heart patch

And here without further do ... is the just about completed block of Debbie's!  I just love it and already can see it gracing her guest room wall in an impressive wall hanging!  You'll have to anchor it to the wall just in case it is packed by the guests??? 

Debbie's block - after Paula, PeggySue and Rose Anne
Just Cathy L to embellish yet.
Sure hope you like it!!!


Anonymous said...

Totally awesome RA...we're going to have to start calling the Queen of Encrusting! If Deb doesn;t llike it, you just tell her to mail that baby right over here!ktj

Dianne said...

Gorgeous RA...Love it.

Anonymous said...

And you're worried about the COH block? Love what you did with the green leaf and posey.

crazyQstitcher said...

Your leaf layout is perfect in colours and composition. The buttons all great too. The tatted heart to die for and I can't see why you ever worry about your work.

I'd fancy a green motif in the bottom left corner to balance yours.
The work by the other girls is also beautiful.

heh heh you can bypass Ktj, Deb, and send it straight to Au thanks.


Rose Anne B said...

He He He Maureen, sorry but I's already posted it to Cathy for her embellishing!.

BUT thank you so much for the compliments but this block was easy once I got that "pink" out of my mind and worked with the purple and green! I still need more time for the work than it seems others - wonder why that is!

Carol J said...

Wow that looks fabulous Rose Anne!! Such talent you ladies have... Hopin it will rub off!

Barbara Gordon said...

I just love the flower patch. That is gorgeous! I'm wondering what kind of embroidery that is???