Saturday, January 15, 2011

Something Funny!

WELL my sister Florence was visiting Dad and she just called my cell (which for once was on) and then put it on speaker (which I've just found that function myself after how many years) and I had a brief chat with Dad.  He's been up more than in bed and they think his pneumonia is clearing but he's still weak.  Hopefully he'll start to improve more now that he's up and about.  THAT was great to hear his voice much stronger!!!

NOW, I have to tell you something funny that happened the other day at work!

See most of my artistic endeavours land up on display at work (mainly cause my apartment is messy) and this way I get to see them too besides the co-workers who are thrilled and most times amazed with them too.  Anyways, Christmas is over and the decorations all retired to their boxes until the next season and everyone, including me, is saying how bare and dull the office looks now.  SO, I searched and found the Valentines decorations and put them out but still it did not seen enough.

MPQ - Celtic Workshop
I then looked around home and found my trio square wall hangings or table matts that I clipped together for a vertical wall hanging and then found my Celtic table topper for the occasional table at the entrance with the heart box ontop.  I kinda hummed and hawed as I was not sure if I liked the box ontop of this topper but just left it.  WELL, two co-workers kept moving the box around to better view the topper and finally one of them came to me and asked if we could find another place for the box as it bothered her there.  I just chuckled as I kinda felt the same!!!  Sure, I had no problem with that and actually I love the topper just by itself whenever I glance over there.  So then the other co-worker comes by and smiles and declares “thank you for removing that box”, not that it wasn’t lovely, just interfered with the topper.  Kinda funny that the three of us were thinking along the same line!

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