Sunday, January 16, 2011

January Hearts BOM

Within my SewBuds group Katie thought of a hearts BOM of 8" finished blocks - no guidelines - just do whatever you want for each of the (I think) six of us signed up.  We might do more than one round - time will tell.  So basically we stitch up a quilt block with a heart on or in it in whatever technique we wish, embellish or not.  Now one would think this is easy - well not I - see I spent at least a WEEK searching for whatever heart ideas appealed to me.  Once I decided I then got busy on the January block as it has to be ready for next week when Katie's knitting group draws the lucky member's name and then it's mail out time.

January Heart BOM block

So needless to say I settled for needle turned appliqued heart trio for my first go around - yes I decided that each member will receive the same block from me - but each will be a different colour and maybe even different embellishments!  Some may think this would be boring, but for only six of us I don't think it will be, and that way each will have the same from me.  For January I chose shades of blue batiks, the larger one trimmed with bought daisy edging anchored with yellow beaded centres; medium one I tatted an edging and anchored with irridescent beads and the smaller on I blanket stitched around with white floss.

#9069 - J&P Coates Tatting Book #229
Size 20 Lizbeth #122

Now I'm to SIGN these blocks and I can tell you that is something I do not like to do - am gonna have to find a way to pull it off to my liking!!!

Next it's onto preparing the February block and so on till all six of us has received their first go around heart blocks.  I personally hope it goes around at least three rounds - that'll make 24 blocks - see I'll make one for myself too.  Would make a nice size throw for the couch I thinks!!!


Anonymous said...

and a very beautiful block it is Rose Anne....i think we will aall be getting mini masterpieces!

Candi said...

It is just so beautiful Rose Anne:)
You do such nice work:)

Anonymous said...

I'll be happy with it in any color. Green would be best, though. Love your hearts!