Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Encrusted RR#1 - Paula's Block

First off I have to say that “pink” stumps me every time and I finally had to start this off with my tatted edging "Spring Flowers Bookmark" that I stitched along the roses silkie and the green patch adding purple beads for the flower like pieces.  From there I added beads to the white butterfly.  I also found a new tatting pattern and tried it out and decided I had to make a bouquet of 3-D roses "The Jessica Rose" for the green patch – let me tell you that took a while to complete but well worth it I think!  Then my December went downhill and I didn’t get any more stitched on here until New Year’s Eve.
After Peggy Sue's embellishing

That’s when I started to fill in the daisy netting flowers with SRE and beaded centres and from there I added more beads to the frilled lower edge.  Then I stitched on my dragonflies and butterfly charms and decided to fill the empty space with scattered pearls.  I then decided that the large roses needed some centre definition, so I used DMC metallic and only for the bud parts in stem.  I think this made them pop!
Upper pink and lace patch - Rose Anne's embellishing

OKAY that’s done now what do I do with the roses on the green patch along with the butterflies and dragonfly charms???  Well I finally gave up looking through my CQing books and pics for inspiration and emailed my CQing groups for help.  I received a number of suggestions – three I decided upon – keep background simple (Cobi), frame the roses in an SRE heart (Katie) and add some fern-like fillers (Leslie).  Easier said than done I tell you!!!  I thank all that sent ideas and I’ve kept them for future use, much appreciated.

OK tatted edging and 3-D roses bouquet - now what?

First off I fly stitched “ferns” onto the background amongst the roses, then I found my silk ribbon, folded it in half and anchored it under the stems and then twisted them up and around in a heart shape anchoring with a single bead strategically.  After I ended it, I went back and added a couple more beads alternately.  Then I found a white blended to cream floss and added French knots all around.  I think this ties in nicely with the green and cream tatted edging.

Green patch - Rose Anne's embellishing

And here is the block so far – two more stitchers yet to work on this!  Looks pretty good, if I say so myself!!! 
After Peggy Sue's and Rose Anne's embellishing!

So I hope Paula likes what I added to her block and I must say I am finding this “encrusting” technique a bit of a challenge – as I think I like to keep things more simpler and open!  These RRs are great learning tools!!!


Joy said...

OMG Beautiful as always!

Barb said...

It's just beautiful! Love the tatting. :)

Barb from NSAN

Misty Frederick-Ritz said...

Looks great! I sometimes get "stumped" too when I have to work in colors or fabrics outside my comfort zone. Nice work!

Dianne Leatherdale Johnson said...

Rose Anne, the more you work with colours or techniques the better you get at it and the better you will like them......honest!

pattas said...


Anonymous said...

Love the tatting Rose Ann,
This is on my ''to learn list'' this year. A local church has a craft evening with experienced craft people so hoping to learn how tat.
Tried on my own at home without luck!