Sunday, January 23, 2011

Busy Weekend Again!

OK I've put away the leftovers, started my dishes and relaxing with the last glass of wine before checking the mega pileup of messages!!!  My everyone sure were chatty today!!!

Friday I stitched, tatted and read the night away! 

Saturday was our monthly Aurora Online Quilters gathering and we had 15 quilters show up and one brief visitor - WOW WOW WOW!!!  Nope I didn't get any stitching done at all but tonnes of visiting, club bookwork and also cleanup!  But it was awesome and I wish our gatherings were more like this!!!  Then I rushed out for grocery shopping and back home to start my BBQ pulled beef for Sunday!  Well needless to say it was 1:00 am before it was ready enough to pull apart and then put back into the sauce and into the fridge and 2:00 am before I crashed.

WELL needless to say I slept in and was an hour late getting to the Community Club for another session of our local Alzeheimer's Touch Quilts sewing event.  Yeppers it was potluck again and talk about the awesome spread from the large turnout of ladies.  My niece Audrey works at the Alzeheimer's office and invited us to join them so her sister and I showed up and stitched various lap sized quilt tops of a mish mash of textured type fabrics - some easy to sew some NOT!!! 

It was a lovely day inside but blustery cold outside and when it was time to leave I had to SCRAPE ICE from the INSIDE of my windows - never in my life has that happened to me!!!  After I did that then the defrost took care of the fogging up and quickly I had clear windows but YIKERS there were many driving around with 6" circles on both sides of their front windshield and nowhere else - are they crazy???

So now I'll try and finish off Debbie's crazy patched Encrusted RR block and hopefully get it mailed off tomorrow - depends on how tired I am, if not then I'll finish it off tomorrow evening.

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Joy said...

You do sound like a very busy lady. Yum! BBQ Pulled Beef.