Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm HOME!!!

Yes I'm finally home from my two jaunts to Dauphin this month and just over a week of house/dogs sitting and what did I do - well I stitched right through the evening!!!  LOL!  No I don't have pics of my embellishments as yet by maybe by the weekend! 

BUT what I do have is a picture of the elegant looking Victorian like Christmas stocking donated by Gerry H to the CQI Retreat Scholarship Auction.  I could not believe it when notified that I was the lucky bidder.  At first I had ideas of embellishing some of the swirls with beads etc but I can tell you that the drapery type fabric used is just lovely on it's own and all five buttons are different which adds to the uniqueness for the piece.  And the way the lace and strung beads are shaped gives the idea of the old fashioned button up boots.  Very imaginative Gerry!


Gerry said...

Rose Anne, I'm very glad that you like the stocking. Thank you for your complimentary post. Gerry

Linda Mullen said...

It's lovely. Gerry, you are a talented lady.