Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2002 UFO Completed!!!

Ohhhh I forgot all about my exciting news!!!

See last week I decided I needed to finish up something quilty for myself, so I found the first block Sandra from New Zealand sent to me (an angel) – she was my Patch Pal from our local MPQ guild set up by Carol G who visited there on business and visited their quilting guild. So I found fabric to go with it and Sunday after supper I started quilting the block and actually finished adding the two outer borders in a quilt as you go process by 9:00 pm and then stitched the binding in place but totally forgot about the label – DUH!!! It was added afterwards once I found all the info on it so that’s good – well except for the pattern she used but I’m not selling it so doesn’t matter to me.  So here she is hanging in the office on the lovely quilt hanger I bought recently too - fits perfectly!!!  I still want to embellish her doily wings with beads etc but that can be added in later.

Angel Block from Sandra, my NZ friend

So maybe I’ll try and do more here and there in the future to get other UFOs completed. I’m enjoing it in the office then will bring all the quilted items home to store after Christmas till next year!!! I definitely have to figure out some type of hanging system so they aren’t always creased or embellishments flattened etc. Definitely time to clean out the closet so I can make use of it for hanger storage.


Anonymous said...

Very sweet Rose Anne....very smiley!

Anonymous said...

How cute she is. I can imagine the wings embellished. I love that it fits so perfectly on the hanger you bought. Serendipity!