Sunday, December 26, 2010

Belated Christmas Greetings!!!

Sorry, I was trying to get my "Merry Christmas" wishes out before I left but with dogs/house sitting at the same time it just did not materialize.  I left Christmas Eve for an easy uneventful drive to Dauphin (semi heat this time) and was treated to this spectacular winter wonderland probably beginning around McDonald and NW on Hwy 5.  So beautiful!!!   Yep, you guessed it - I just had to finally stop outside of Neepawa as it was such heavy hoar frost and so bright even my camera could not capture it's beauty correctly.  Or maybe it was I!!!

Just east of Neepawa MB

Just east of Neepawa MB

Outskirts of Neepawa MB

Passing through Neepawa MB

Passing through Neepawa MB

Just north of Neepawa - Riding Mountain town

And when I got to Dauphin my first stop was the garage to get the heat and windshield washers looked at, then promptly off to visit Dad.  He's just been moved Dec. 10th into the Dauphin Personal Care Home and loves it there. Well I think the rushing and moving was too much for him (97 years young) and he had a bad barky voice and dry cough the 24th. But he did want me to join him for supper - he didn't want to go to my sister's on the farm and I don't blame him. So I stayed at the home much to my sisters' chagrin as they wanted me out at the farm - I was too tired and just wanted to visit with Dad. Once supper was over I felt better and Dad was going to rest so I decided to go visit my sisters for a while - arrived in time to enjoy some of my favourite foods before the table was cleared.

Christmas Day brought a major shock as my Dad was in bed at noon still in his PJs and hooked up to oxygen!!! He had been taken to the hospital (next door) and xrays showed he has pneumonia so he's on antibiotics and bed rest. WOW that was fast! I forgot to mention that the turkey dinner with all the fixings was delicious and both of us ate it all up (actually all three meals I had there were very tasty and lots to eat).  Apparently there is a flu going through the home and all are on preventative Tamaflu meds for the next two weeks. Today he said he was hungry and totally cleaned off his plate and then was concerned about not shaved and still in PJs and that was not good as two of his granddaughters were coming with their families - he needed to get dressed - I think the meds are helping him if he's concerned about his food and looks again. I sure hope so as it was quite the scare for me!

Yes I did have a nice and quiet Christmas even with Dad getting sick and now am back in Winnipeg dogs/house sitting once again! But sure could have done without the whiteout conditions on Hwy #1 for the last hour of my 4-hour drive! That was scarey!

Here's hoping you all have a Happy New Year and if you're celebrating please do it safely!!!

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Linda Mullen said...

Lovely photos Rose Anne. I hope your dad gets rid of the pneumonia fast.