Thursday, December 23, 2010

Another Felted Postcard!

Here is another of my felted O Christmas Tree postcard that I've gifted to Darlene who just loved the ones I prepared and swapped out earlier and begged to buy one for her "Rose Anne's Collection" she hopes to frame one day.  I decided that she deserved a special gift as she's always so very helpful and kind to me even when I'm not so nice!!!
Our office's elegant Darlene
Now you can see why Rachel and I both named my fur trimmed angel Miss Elegant Darlene - she definitely reminds us of our coworker (above) who is always so elegant in her attire and presentation.  I just love her hair (which you can't really see) but she's rolled it up in sections and pinned - something like a French roll but along the nape of her neck!

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Anonymous said...

She does look very business-elegant. I know that hairstyle, and always wished I were talented enough to do it on myself.