Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas at the Quilt Guild

Talk about a busy couple of weeks but it sure was awesome to just sit and relax with my crocheting and visit with fellow quilters Wednesday evening at the guild meeting.  Then the Make and Take kits were handed out and I thoroughly enjoyed doing mine up but instead of the Snowman faces I stitched on some small yellow/gold buttons and added Terri's initials in the centre to keep flat for the cup to sit on.  This was I thought a perfect farewell gift for Terri who is starting a new job next week with new furniture arriving hopefully soon for her workstation.   

And here is the festive cup (also a carrying bag and FQ) I won for the Sewing Kit game we played just before the activity started.  Cute eh?


pattas said...

sounds like you had a lovely day with friends :)) the mug is so cute and the mug coaster looks very festive.:))

Anonymous said...

That's a great penny rug! I love it. I wish I'd been there to make one, too. It's a super mug rug.

Barbara Gordon said...

I just love the cup..! I'm nuts about cups and I just keep buying them, but they have to be different!