Friday, December 17, 2010

Another of Life's Chapters Closed

This Christmas will be totally different as my Dad has just moved into the Dauphin Personal Care Home (age 97) and as my youngest sister says, “he’s the only one who still holds his head up!” Yes he likes it so far and we are all glad for the “round the clock” care and scheduled meds and meals as he is becoming somewhat forgetful. He looks very well considering this time last year he said he was not long for this earth!!! I’m hoping he adjusts well and stays healthy to enjoy more carefree days!

But before this was all finalized it was a week of squabbling and hurt feelings and actually when I look back on it – all for nothing, but that’s what happens when there are two very controlling siblings that assume others need not know the details etc.

Well Dad/the family had like one week to accept the room, move in and then his apartment cleared out! So as soon as my meeting was over on Saturday I drove out to Dauphin arriving at 7:40 pm and immediately started sorting boxes of pictures - then after all that was finished I had to pack up a set of 8 place setting china dishes etc and the other items on my list, all by myself. The four sisters had decided it was my job and they were not helping, if it was left it was going into the garage sale or garbaged - so 3 hours later I finally got it finished, washed out the closet, then put the boxes in there out of the way for Sunday's apt sale. Needless to say I was beat when we got to my younger sister's house and rested half hour with an ice pack etc then off to bed.

Sunday was a whirlwind, up for 8:00 am and back to the apt to arrange the banquet table in the centre of living room and then loaded it with whatever and cleaning too. The sale was really good and about half the items went along with most of the furniture - dang good!!! It went smoothly actually so I was relieved and wondered why the heck they had to be so dang miserable the week before???

Monday we met back at the apt at 9:00 (minus one sister who went home) and moved the items around so we could tear up and remove the well worn carpet. We sold a bit more on Sunday and then the remaining items were either well used or not really of interest - so the Second Hand Store was coming the next day to pack up what they can sell and the remaining will be garbaged. Then my car was ready around 2:00 (no heat lately) and the cleaning was finished by 3:00 so I decided I'd pack up the boxes, visit Dad, then started for Winnipeg and even unloaded 3 boxes at my niece's for Sylvia who will be in soon. Maybe that was not so smart driving being so tired, but I think lots better than leaving very early Tues and having to HAUL everything up to my apt by myself and then going to work for my 11:00 am meeting!!!

The best part of the weekend was seeing my Dad settled into his new home and knowing he'll be cared for and it seems well fed, see he's refusing snacks as he's still full from his meals!!! LOL!!! Then I find out that Dad’s skooter was sold the next day and the bed given to the Grandson who found the buyer – great deal all around! Now all I need to hear is that Dad’s personal phone is reconnected – that’ll make Dad happy and I can call him again.

BUT I could not email when I got back as my keyboard malfunctioned that evening and Tuesday too – WEIRD!!! I was sooooooo annoyed as I don’t have the money to replace anything right now. But the next morning whatever was the cause had sorted itself out and now I’m right to go again!!!

Now my next move is getting ready for house/dogs sitting Dec. 20th-30th and hopefully an uneventful trip to Dauphin for Christmas!!!

I personally hope this Christmas season is merry and full of love for you and your family! Please celebrate with care!


crazyQstitcher said...

Your dad sure looks happy. I would say he will settle quickly with a group of residents and staff with him daily.
There are lots of activities and outings available at these Care places too.
My 2 sisters, 93 and 89 are in the same Nursing Home and love it.

I hope your Christmas and New Year are all you wish for.


Anonymous said...

What a great pic of you and your dad. I love that as a Christmas card. It was a lot of work all the way around. What will your dad do with the money? I suppose ... I don't know, are there things like snack and coke machines there at the home?