Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Angels for Me!!!

Secret Santa visited the Aurora Christmas Potluck and gave me an extra gift – guess he thought I was really good or maybe he knew I needed some extra TLC to deal with my family??? 

Anyways, I thank my friends (they know who they are) for giving me these angels. I have both of them at work and see them many times a day – probably more so than I would at home! One has been given the name “Elegant Darlene” (as she reminds Rachel & I of our co-worker Darlene) and she sits on my Double Wedding Ring Table Topper I made some years ago as you enter our office – visible from my desk too! The other Lacey angel with body of “straw” (I know it’s not that but it has slipped my mind at the moment) is beside my Doily angel on the credenza and I see them every time I go to the printer or out for whatever.

Yeppers most of my Christmas decorations are here at work – wonder what they’ll do when I retire!!!


pattas said...

That is a lovely surprise, All the very best to you and yours.. :))

Anonymous said...

AWonderful angels, and the table topper is super too....did you do the embroidery on it? Do yo have the double wedding ring pattern? How did you find the piecing? ktj

Candi said...

Just beautiful! You do such gorgeous work.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful angels and how nice of you to share them with the people in your office! Love your table topper.