Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tatted Edgings

The other day I recieved my new tatting book "Embellishing with Edgings" by Handy Hands and so far I LOVE it.  Thank you Georgia for offering this book through the NSAN group buy!  I've tried two edgings but not on hankys but as edgings/trims for my carzy patch quilt blocks.

No. 2 (hearts) is so lovely but I think it would be more awesome in a one colour for the whole trim.  This I found to large for the item I wanted it for so am going to try reducing the number of chains on my next one.  Will try and show the difference when completed.

No. 13 was a little big but just fit in so I continued with it and I think I agree with my sister that sometimes varigated threads just detract from the design.
But I did this in the colours of the CQd block and it does look nice with the pearls stitched on afterwards.

So that's another CQd block done and this one is in record time - like 3 days after it was received!!!  WOW!!!  Definitely a FIRST for me!  So it'll be in the mail earlier than necessary but with Canada Post's usual 2-week delivery to and from the USA for me I figure it's nice to give the next person within my RR a break.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

That is a great book, although I haven't done much with it. Your CQ block looks great! I've been meaning to finish one that I started almost two years ago. I guess I should get on the stick!

PeggyR said...

Very nice! Now how hard is tatting?

Rose Anne B said...

He He He I'm not a good one to ask on how hard tatting is Peggy - it took me like 6 years to finally get the nerve to try again and then 2 years to finally get the technique and now I's doing not to badly!!! I kinda shake my head wondering how come it took so long to finally do it now!!! LOL!

Judy said...

I like the shape of that first one, Rose Anne! And yes, sometimes the variegated is just too much!