Saturday, July 09, 2011

More Tatting - YEAH!!!

Ohhhh I've had some fun this past week or two, perservering and eventually getting the flow of adding beads to my tatting on both the shuttle and ball threads.  Yes the first one was kinda UGH but the others after that I'm very pleased with.  Yep so much so I decided the pattern needed one more bead at the centre of each of the last chains and I added them in myself - WHOOOHOOOIEEEE!!!

This is the "Tatted Christmas Wreath" by Samantha Melnychuk and I made it with Cebelia size 30 colour 699 - just perfect for a lovely ornament or even a special card adornment!

Left one has extra beads added in

Then I tried the "Joyful Bell" by Marilee Rockley and that too toak a few attempts before I stopped twisting something and/or making the chain lengths uneven and distorting the bell shape.  These were made with size 20 crochet cotton.

And for last pattern I've attempted - all I can say is thank you very very much Carolyn Groves for experimenting with "Tatting Patters and Designs" by Blomqvist & Persson (page 35, star #4) and coming up with this lovely version.  I LOVE my new angels!!!  I can just see them on my Christmas or Heavenly crazy patch quilt blocks.  The yellow one (size 30 crochet cotton) I did first and after four attempts finally finished one to my satisfaction with a metal heart for the body.  Should have started with size 20 - DUH!!!  The cream one was with size 20 crochet cotton and lots easier to manipulate the arms that is for sure!

Yes I had an enjoyable time this last week finishing off these much needed embellishments.

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yarnplayer said...

These are all wonderful! I like the Christmas Wreath with the extra beads the best! I'm so glad you enjoyed my bell pattern, too. And, the angels are heavenly! You've been so busy :)