Sunday, July 10, 2011

More CQing!

Hey, I'm caught up with my CQing RR blocks for a change.  Maybe it's a good thing there was a slight postal disruption so I could get things under control again, but sheesh I know there are various packages on their way to me - as yet not received - YIKES!!!  

So here is Jane C's (SewBuds) lovely block with Janie's, Carol's and my own embellishments.  I really would love to know the story behind the development of this block and hope Jane will let us know as her booklet didn't really expand on this. 

Here is my patch (top left corner) using Jane's lace and black silk ribbon - trying to portray a side profile of a hat - not sure it works though.  So I found one of my gold glass pieces and bronze beads and tried my FIRST cabachon!  It was easy but I know for next time I have to allow more space (air to breathe) between scallops - but it won't fall out!!! 

Then I decided the lace needed some beads to fancy it up - so I used Jane's brown metallic beads - might have overdone it now!  Oh Well!  Hmmm it still needs something so I used my gold Japanese Buttonhole Twist and sporadic Colonial knots as fillers for that patch.  As a seam treatment I used my friend Pat's lovely brown rayon floss and one of the easy chain seam treatments from "Embroidery Stitches from Old American Quilts" by Dorothy Bond.

So it's on it's way to the next member for her turn!

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