Wednesday, July 20, 2011


OMGG I just don't understand people.  I grew up in a household with words of guidance such as "if shopping don't touch" "it's not your's so don't touch" and "be careful, just look"!!!  What is it with this world and misplaced self worth or disrespect for other's property!!!

Anyways here is a site with many "Lost Quilts" from various venues, deliveries and or just stolen from homes.  If you have a chance take a look, maybe you've seen this quilt somewhere and if not just having more and more "notices" out there of this site might help for some more missing quilts to be found and/or returned! 

AND especially this quilt by Allison Aller "Crazy in the Garden" which I've seen "grow" from various blog entries and/or emails within various crazy quilting yahoo groups! 

This is so sad and not fair!

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