Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sew It Up - DYB

Yes in between the cleaning/purging I'm also trying to get some stitching done!  It's not easy when I keep moving things, to find what I need but maybe when it's all arranged it'll be easier to find and work with!!!

So this is a "do your own blocks" round robin within the CQI group where six 6" blocks are stitched up by the owner, sent around and five other ladies works on one block and some have the 6th block as a "shared" block where all members work on it, then it comes home to the owner - all finished blocks.

I've chosen colours of fancies that I like along with three Singer sewing themed silkies (from Edith M) which I've been hoarding for some special project - well this is it!!!  The other three blocks have various dragonflies as the accent patch.  I decided I'll be tatting my favourite beaded trim to surround the Singer silkies before I send these blocks out to be embellished in the RR.  When they come home I will be sewing the blocks together, then embellishing those seams for an overall effect and then somehow making this into a special sewing machine cover for my hopefully reorganized sewing room. 

Another deadline to work towards (6 months down the road) - all cleaned up and usable sewing room!!!


DeeDee said...

These will be sew beautiful... when comeplete.. cannot wait to se them

Judy said...

Looks like you are having lots of fun!! I keep saying I am going to get some sewing done, but I have hit a productive part of my therapy, and that is where my energy is going these days...