Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm Pooped!!!

OK I'm pushing it on the final leg of clearing out outgrown, not wanted, not needed, not my thing anymore items out of my sewing room in order to unload the two items going out the door on Saturday and my antique folding table (gonna be my cutting table) into the room.  I have two more drawers to unload and then it's to clear the hallways for easy mobility.  Once this has been achieved I'm going to take a breather for a while and probably in that time frame I'll be picking up another shelving unit, this one from Linda as she too is purging/downsizing in preparation for her move into a condo.  Then it'll be rearranging the furniture to fit and also flow for comfortable stitching days ahead!

I'm used to doing bits and pieces here and there with more down time than doing time so I can tell you this is killing me, but having the mouse problems, then moving and delivery deadlines I'm getting stuff done a lot faster!  LOL!


Linda Mullen said...

I need pics!!!!! Or I'm not convinced.

Rose Anne B said...

You'll see pics when I get it put back together. BUT I can tell you that half the floor is visible - WOW!!! It is amazing the stuff I've gotten rid of (garbage/recycle) that I kept and why for???

Dianne Leatherdale Johnson said...

You were gonna make something wonderful when you saw the items.You gotta write down the ideas you had when you bought the stuff and keep it with the items. I do that all the time........NOT! I can't bear to part with anything which is why my stash is so gargantuan.