Wednesday, July 13, 2011

DYOB #3 - Stitch 1 and 2

Whoops, I fogots to post my stitches last week and now the second stitch is complete.  Guess I'll do both at the same time.

Stitch #1 - Herringbone Ladder

This one I didn't try anything fancy with just played with the space and threads.  On my heart I basically inverted the design that was shown with Japanese Buttonhole Twist borders and DMC metallic for the herringbone stitch.  It was a might tricky to maneuver but getting out my Wonky Giraffe made it lots easier - having both hands to manipulate the needle.  Then I finished off with a wavy fly stitch for a seam finish as this was a "patch" embellishment not a seam treatment.

Then for my swap block I decided to try a wavy path along the seam line.  That too turned out lovely!  I still might add something within the waves but will wait for the block to "speak" to me.

Stitch #2 - Basque

OK this stitch just baffled me and my creativity flew the coop so to speak.  So on my heart block I just followed the lace edge and bordered the butterfly patch with a varigated Watercolours silk thread - simple but delicate like.

The swap block I used Needle Necessities varigated which I love and tried to go around a mirror but that did not work so I tried for "repetition" of the stitch within the patch, decreasing the size and also the thread thickness. Not sure it came out as planned.

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DeeDee said...

Your stitches are lovely... I love the wavey path... hehehe! I am working now on the basque stitch..

I need my blok to talk to me also.. inspiration....