Friday, July 22, 2011

Sylvia's On the Mend!!!

OMGG I can tell you all that my sister Sylvia is looking lots better, healthier and more energetic than she was this past year - OH YEAH lots better!!! I know her hubby said she was on the mend finally and whenever I talked to Sylvia on the phone she's sounded better and better and more like her normal self.  But it's just not like seeing it with your own eyes!!!

Well both her and Len are in the city this week for Len's apt on his back and yep BOTH of them are looking lots better, Len probably because of the worry over Sylvia this past year or so and Sylvia because her hip and thyroid problems were finally diagnosed and fixed!!! Yes I had a lovely visit and BBQd supper over at Pat's last night and it was so AWESOME to see her actually eat a meal and enjoy it too!!!

Then this morning I took some earned OT off and had Sylvia to myself and took her shopping for whatever she wanted. Yes we took the wheelchair; as her above the ankle break (happened May 30th) is not healing as fast as the DR would like so no walking pressure on it as yet, and her newly replaced hip (March 28th) can't take hopping around on one foot (not that she could anyways!!!) and we basically stayed in Grant Park shopping mall.  We even had coffee and muffins at Tims too!!!

Can you believe it, I did not buy anything at all, just helped her shop and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  And when I took her back to Pat's she wasn't even exhausted, but thoroughly pleased with herself.  OH YES, now I can't wait for some holiday time so I can go visit them and enjoy some sewing time with her and maybe even her friends too!  AND I can tell you she's even done some quilting this past couple of weeks and is looking forward to our fall quilting retreat put on by Oma's Quilt Shoppe.  YEAH!!!

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