Friday, May 27, 2011

How Dissappointing!

I've been on such gung ho determination and today I felt like the hot air balloon burst!  Yep really dissappointing to the point that I did not want to continue with the last bit of cleaning in the sewing room!  Yeah I know, just chin up and get to it!!!

See it started when I woke this morning and realized there were still three loads of fabrics waiting to be washed sitting on the floor in the living room - dang it!  So off I went and dumped a load in while moving furniture away from the windows and removing curtains getting ready to have the windows washed!  Hmmmm 11:00 am came and went and it was just about noon and still no Gary so I phoned and was told he'd left me two messages that he has to reschedule as he could not make it today!!!  WHAT, I looked around my living room and just about started to cry!  It was a total shambles and you can't get to my bed as items were sitting on and around it leaving the area clear for window washing!!!  SHEESH now what?  So it's been rescheduled for Saturday morning and I pray he makes it!

So that meant I had to vacuum the bedroom drapes and hang them back up and cart the stuff off the bed so I can sleep there tonight.  Then I went out and picked up two wooden dining room chairs (one with arms) for Sylvia and Len for their entryway - they were $11 each - what a bargain.  So I picked up Tim's coffee and zipped over to my nieces to put them into their garage as they will be heading out to Ontario and will see if they fit into the car - if not then when Sylvia & Len come in they'll take them home.  Also Pat said they might be going furniture shopping soon so I'll have their small recliner also - will make a lovely sitting area me thinks!

I's back home and trying to launder the living room sheers that had two different bathtub soaks to get most of the dust/dirt out before putting them into the washer.  Now I pray they have not shredded to bits in the machine!  Oh and I moved my lamp over to the other side and set up my lovely stitching lamp at my chair.  I still would LOVE to have a ceiling light fixture as it's so dark in this room otherwise!

So guess tonight I'll finish off folding and sorting the remainder of fabrics and get them put away too.  AND if I still have energy I think I'll try and get through the 300+ emails that I've not gotten to since Wednesday!  Then tomorrow will start again to tackle the remainder of the sewing room and remove those curtains, maybe vacuum some too.

GOSH what the heck am I going to do with myself once I have this place all ship shape?


pattas said...

Sew and sew and sew LOl... good luck ..:))

Laurie said...

Sit down in your new chair and go Ahhhhhhh! You made me tired! Have fun finishing up Rose Anne!

Judy said...

Rose Anne, I read down to the bottom of the page, and you sure did get bitten by that cleaning bug!!! Can you still move? Hope the flooding is down, as I haven't heard anything about it in a long time!