Monday, February 10, 2020

More Catch Up

Feb 8th

Sylvia was looking for coloured glass bottles to put on sticks but I also like this idea!

Attending Winnipeg Jets vs Ottawa Senators!
Here with Pat enjoying pizza and warm up! Thank you Florence and Wayne!

Last two from Pat's phone!

Feb 9th

Well not bad, made it a week before Katsu grabbed something off the sidewalk and this morning threw up inside!  He's sneaky!  Today we went over to Taunya's for hopefully a play day and see how we all interacted!  Fred was not interested but Bubba was so energetic that Katsu stayed in my arms.  I tried to set him down but Bubba kept circling him as Katsu tried getting away.  I didn't want to stress him out so put him in my lap and kept Bubba down, no luck, he started grumbling!  That's when Taunya put Bubba's harness on, YOILA, he just stayed put subdued, WOW, gotta remember that if he's wound up when over there.  Still Katsu was not interested so we came back home!  We might try in the summer in the back yard?  Will see!  Then put the TV on and this is ehat I get, even clicking on EXIT TO TV and shutting it on or off did not work! HMMMMM!

WOW, I personally don't have this many threads but maybe others do?  🤩🤩🤩

Ahhhh he's napping in Daddy's chair, first time in this last week!

Hmmmm I had to stop stitching as he wanted my company just for a little bit!  Either I'm the wrong shape in this chair or too warm so it's 5 minutes usually and down he goes!

Ended 5 - 2 for Winnipeg Jets vs Chicago Blackhawks

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