Thursday, May 04, 2017

Winkler Retreat

Ok good nights sleep - up early, packed and picked Virginia up 10:30ish for our quilt retreat road trip. We stopped at Kathy's in Carman for contrast fabric for my Pepsi tote and had lunch at the bakery.

Then onto Morden's Quilters Den where ive bought something totally different from the sales sections - plus hard to find applique needles before heading to Winkler.

Ohhhh and Rte 17 N quilt shop has moved. They are as you turn at hospital the second road before town on north side (can't miss it awesome visible dignage) in a brand spanking newly built store with TONNES of room and the classroom they could move into and make into their house!!!! I was very very very impressed!!!!! So much room you can see fabrics way too easily!!!!!  Same as befote purchases from sales sections.

I'm bad and shopped out already!!!   😜 Resting until Tami n Dianne get here and figure out where to go for supper.

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