Monday, May 29, 2017

Feeling Relieved - It's Finished!!!

That I've totally finished my "Carrying On" fabric art wall hanging (14.25" x 20") - my first one of this magnitude.  I am very pleased I spent a bit more time and extended the scene fabrics into the binding instead of a narrow solid colour.  After helping my sister plant all the harvested plants from yesterday's road trip, we both took a rest to recoup our energy, then I did the last of the hand stitching and light pressing.

Since it was my first large project I kept track of my time and am blown away that it took 34.25 hours from start to end and that's not counting the time I debated on fabrics!!!  It'll definitely be awhile before trying another.


Jane McLellan said...

Well done, it's magnificent!

muskaan said...

Perfect !!!!